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With offices in Sarasota, Tampa, and Boca Raton.
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Sia Gieger, PA-C
Rhonda Daniels, PA-C
Dr. Kristopher Hamwi

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Our Florida Hair Transplant Centers by

Sia Gieger, PA-C

  • Trained under renowned hair transplant and plastic surgeon Dr. Kristopher Hamwi 
  • Trained under MAXIM Clinical Director Rhonda Daniels PA-C
  • Educated in Art and Science of Aesthetic Medicine to provide individualized and natural results to her patients.
  • Clinical experience and training in internal medicine, dermatology, and surgery. 
  • A hands-on clinician who is skilled at anesthesia, harvesting, and site-making. She does not delegate these tasks to technicians. 
  • She is actively involved in consultations, pre-op, and post-op care of her hair transplant clients. 
  • She continues to stay up to date with the newest techniques to provide her patients with the best results. 
  • She has performed FUE hair transplant procedures on her own family members.
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Sia Gieger, PA-C

Rhonda Daniels, PA-C

  • Former Bosley Hair Restoration Specialist. 
  • Trained under renowned hair transplant surgeons. 
  • Completed 360 Hair Transplant Fellowship. 
  • Hands-on, fully involved hair transplant clinician.
  • Experienced with ARTAS, ATERA, WAW, Ellis, S.A.F.E., MAMBA and Cole FUE Systems.
Rhonda Daniels, PA-C

Dr. Kristopher Hamwi

  • One of the country’s top plastic surgeons, Dr. Hamwi has been recognized for his work in his field of specialization.
  • A highly trained surgeon with 10 years of education across Harvard University, Georgetown University Hospital, and Washington Hospital Center.
  • Expertise across the board with specialization in FUT Hair Restoration, FUE Hair Transplant.
Dr. Kristopher Hamwi

Why Choose Us?

Hair restoration is all we do, and we do it well.

Harvard trained, Board Certified plastic surgeon.

Custom solutions — not one-size-fits-all.

MEGA sessions of up to 4,000 grafts.

0% financing.

Affordable prices.

FUT, FUE, PRP, SMP, Products/Supplements, Laser Therapy & other solutions.

WAW, Ellis, Cole, ATERA, and Custom FUE Technologies.

We only do one or two procedures at a time.

Hands-on, fully involved doctors and clinicians.

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Hair Restoration Technologies



The WAW FUE system has a uniquely shaped extraction device that enables doctors and clinicians to harvest and extract hair follicles without making a large incision. This design facilitates the extraction of hair of all shapes and curvatures, and reduces the risk of damaging healthy follicular units.


The Ellis FUE System is a simple and affordable automated punch device which can be used to enhance a strip or FUE harvest procedure. It can also be used as a stand-alone device for a full FUE hair transplant. The automation of the conventional FUE procedure contributes to the improvement of the method in several ways.

Florida Hair Transplant Expert

Our Florida Hair Transplant Centers pride themselves in providing the most advanced hair transplant in Florida. Dr. Kristopher Hamwi, Clinician Sia Gieger, and Clinician Rhonda Daniels are all specialists in the field of hair restoration., Rest assured that your balding hair is in good hands. They are experienced in providing outstanding hair transplant methods such as:

  • FUT hair transplants.
  • FUE hair transplants.
  • Eyebrow hair transplants.
  • Beard hair transplants.
  • Mustache & facial hair transplants.

Losing your hair is a natural part of the aging process. But, it doesn’t have to be! For those who are struggling with their thinning locks or full-on baldness, there may just be an answer in sight: hair transplant treatment. Yes, losing your hair can vary depending on what’s going on internally and externally for you, but at least some good news has come out that might make all the difference when considering whether or not to go through such invasive surgery; many patients saw significant results after undergoing one session alone!

You may feel your hair is a lost cause, but the Florida Hair Transplant Center – Sarasota can help you say hello to healthier locks. With our advanced solutions of scalp surgeries and innovative therapies for balding scalps, this center’s professionals will make sure that when it comes time to reveal your newfound head of hair at the office or on a date night with friends; life isn’t just full of possibilities again — it positively lights up before you!

Furthermore, we use the most advanced techniques in hair restoration. Notably, we can perform hair transplant mega sessions of up to 4,000 grafts in one session. Normally, we perform only one procedure at a time, and it takes only a few hours.

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Florida Hair Restoration Professionals

Dr. Kristopher Hamwi, Clinician Sia Gieger, and Clinician Rhonda Daniels are a world-class hair restoration team that has extensive training and experience in the field, producing elegant results with every procedure they perform. Patients come from all around to get their procedures done by them because they know that their work will produce beautiful outcomes while also being quick, efficient, and affordable for one’s budget needs at the same time.

Our patients choose our FloridaHair Restoration Clinic when it comes to getting a new head of hair or just fixing some balding spots on your scalp, and you won’t regret picking our team for your hair restoration needs.

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