Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

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Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a hair restoration procedure that is marketed directly to patients as a “scarless” procedure. To perform the surgery, doctors need to have extensive knowledge of it and other techniques.

Doctors need to know about the different techniques for hair restoration so they can offer a variety of options to you based on what you are looking for, such as FUE. The tools and instruments in each technique are always changing, so even experienced surgeons must continue learning about them. When we give hair transplants in our Sarasota Hair Transplant Center, we do it with a variety of tools and techniques so that the results look natural.

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What Is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?

Follicular unit extraction is a type of hair transplant procedure. It is one of the latest advances in hair transplants. This kind of surgery requires the skills and expertise of a doctor and team. At the Hair Transplant Center – Center, we are experts in using FUE.

FUE is a way to take hair from the scalp without making an incision. The surgeon will use a small needle with slight suction to remove the follicles. FUE is best for people who have balding and thinning areas of their scalp where it would be painful if the doctor made a linear incision. When you get an FUE hair transplant, you will not have any scar on the back of your head. It will be much easier to recover from the surgery, and it will not hurt as bad as what other people experience. Once recovered, you can wear your hair short and no one would see that there is something different about it.

The small holes that are left usually take a few days to heal. When grafts have been removed, there might be marks or scars on the person’s skin where the follicles were taken. The doctor will use different tools to make these small holes less noticeable.

With FUE, many more follicles are taken from a larger area of the donor region than with traditional follicular unit transplantation (FUT). 

Complications can happen in hair transplants. You need to have a team of experts that has skill and experience to see good results. Dr. Hamwi, Clinician Gieger, and Clinician Daniels from the Hair Transplant Center – Sarasota have a focus on FUE. They also offer Cole, Ellis, and WAW systems, as well as other FUE restoration options. This allows them to achieve high growth rates and success rates for patients who want to stop losing their hair.

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

What Are the Tools of FUE?

There are different tools or instruments used in an FUE hair transplant procedure. Dr. Hamwi, Clinician Gieger, and Clinician Daniels have a variety of instruments that they use in hair transplants. FUE requires much skill as the grafts can go up to 4,000 in number. 

Limitations on harvesting grafts exist because you need to take hair that has the most intact follicular units. This is so you can have the most successful transplants. If you make too many cuts, the hair might not survive and could die after the transplant. During the consultation, Dr. Hamwi, Clinician Gieger, and Clinician Daniels will examine your hair and tell you how many grafts they can collect in one session. They can also tell you if it is safer to use FUT or FUE procedures.

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Cole FUE System

Dr. John Cole founded Cole Instruments, and he delivers…..

WAW FUE System

The WAW FUE hair transplant system made follicular…..

Ellis FUE System

The Ellis FUE system is a sharp-punch procedure…..

Cole FUE System

Dr. John Cole founded Cole Instruments, and he delivers some of the most revolutionary surgical tools for follicular unit transplantation (FUT), follicular unit extraction (FUE), and hair transplants in general. One of the world’s first practitioners, Dr. Cole knows what it means to be an inventor of new technology and a supporter of innovation.

WAW FUE System

The WAW FUE hair transplant system made follicular unit extraction (FUE) faster and easier. This new technique has many advantages over the traditional strip or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) technique. The WAW FUE hair transplant system also solves the challenges in performing an FUE hair transplant by sensing and addressing all types of hair, particularly curly hair which are notorious for having transection rates.

Ellis FUE System

The Ellis FUE system is a sharp-punch procedure. It’s an automated punch device that can be used in a strip harvest for surgery or as a stand-alone device for FUE. Automating the method has helped it to improve in many ways. 

FUE vs. FUT: What Is More Effective?

An FUE transplant can be just as successful as a more traditional FUT. The success rates are 90%. However, it is difficult to know precisely which is better. There has been no proof that one of these methods is better than the other. They both work to remove hair follicles from your head and place them in the balding area.

Nevertheless, some people say that the FUT procedure yields higher-quality grafts. They think that a doctor has a better chance of getting high-quality follicular units when they use this procedure and there is less risk for damage.

When you do a hair transplant, there will be scars. One kind of scar is more noticeable than the other. FUT scars are long and linear, while FUE scars are small and round. People who want to hide their scars may want to use FUE, but those who don’t mind might prefer FUT.

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