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What Is the WAW FUE System?

The WAW FUE hair transplant system has made FUE faster, easier, and more productive. It can help you get a higher number of hairs per graft. It also has many advantages over the traditional strip or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) procedures.

The WAW FUE system is a new and improved system for hair transplants. It is made of punches that have an outer border and an inner border. The outer border cuts the scalp under pressure and at a low velocity. The inner border dissects without cutting or transecting the graft forward.

The design of this machine allows Dr. Hamwi to extract a larger quantity of high-quality grafts without making a bigger incision. The WAW FUE system creates an incision that is smaller (about 0.8 to 0.9 millimeters) and it speeds up the healing process, which limits visible scarring.

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How the WAW FUE Works

The WAW FUE hair transplant system is faster, easier, and more efficient than other systems. It penetrates the skin with less trauma and saves the hair follicle. A trumpet-shaped punch goes in and out of the skin without damaging it. The punctures are deep enough to make sure that the transplanted hair grows.

The WAW FUE extraction device has a suction feature during the punch, so it reduces the procedure time. It is also important to know that it has a lower transection rate than other devices. This means that it does not damage the follicles and also gives the grafts an increased chance of surviving.

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WAW Instruments: Tools and Devices to Create Better Hair Transplants
Benefits of WAW FUE Hair Transplant

WAW Instruments: Tools and Devices to Create Better Hair Transplants

Doctors have been able to make progress in hair restoration. One of the things they can do now is a state-of-the-art device called Dr. Jean Devroye’s Hybrid Trumpet punch that cuts follicles without cutting the epidermis. These are for doctors who want to provide their patients with high-quality results in hair restoration.

The new commercial model of the WAW FUE System lets you control the three basic dials for optimum results. You can change your speed and how fast or slow you go back and forth. Now with these features, you can modify your acceleration speed, oscillation mode, and angulation to best suit your needs. The system also delivers beneficial scoring counting that you can reset anytime.

The Hybrid Trumpet punch is not like other punches. It has an outer edge that is 90 degrees and a smooth inner edge that makes it less painful to the skin. The Hybrid Trumpet punch is an effective dissection tool. 

The threading movement is a better way to remove hair. It is good because it does not damage hair follicles. This means that the hair can grow back fuller. Using the punch’s suction effect increases the extraction speed.

You need to use a deep penetration and high rotation speed. This will make the follicular unit go into torsion because it is tied to the subcutaneous vessel. When you go deeper, you might need to reduce the speed and depth. The ultimate goal of this invention is that you can get results that are similar to those from FUT grafts. But, there are also other benefits:

  • To reduce transection and pairing rates.
  • To decrease all the injuries that follicular units undergo during the extraction.
  • To lessen the number of missing grafts and the intrinsic quality of the extraction.

Doctors like it when people have good results from the surgery, and patients are happy with their results from WAW FUE procedures. The grafts also look better and have a fuller hairline.

Benefits of WAW FUE Hair Transplant

If you are considering getting a hair transplant and find yourself searching “Hair transplant near me” in Central Florida, Southwest Florida, or the Tampa Bay Area, you can be sure to get one with high comfort and efficient results at the Hair Transplant Center – Sarasota. With the WAW FUE system, hair transplant technology has improved. The instruments that make the process consistent and perfect for everyone’s needs.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • More grafts and hair. Doctors have to use sharp punches and a big-sized punch. They use grafts that are spread out and have a cone shape. The Hybrid Tornado punch takes both higher quality and more grafts. This is better than the regular cut punch because it does not damage the hairs around it.
  • Much lower transection rate. The Hybrid Tornado punch is a tool that has an outer edge that will cut into the skin easily. At the same time, it has a smooth inner edge that’s funnel-shaped. This is for handling skin grafts. The HT punch works like a dissection tool but in a less aggressive way. There is less risk of cutting the tissue when using this type of punch because rates of transection are lower than with other types of punches.
  • Diminished scars. The inner shape of the punches is smooth which minimizes scars. 
  • Faster extraction. The extraction speed with the WAW FUE System is much faster compared to other systems.
  • Fewer missing grafts. Dull punches can damage your skin while the sharp punches might cut it. The Hybrid Tornado punch will not do that because it uses moderate pressure to work with the funnel-shaped inner edge that will reduce the rate of missing grafts.

What Is the Best FUE Hair Transplant Method?

With the WAW FUE system, it is less likely that you will damage hair follicles. The ideal FUE device should have a lot of flexibility and be able to remove follicular units without damaging them. The hair follicles grow in a cone shape, wider at the bottom. Thus, the tool needs to widen the punch when it reaches the lower part of the cone in order to get all of the hair follicle without damaging it. 

Increasing the diameter as you go deeper will increase your risk of transecting some hair at the bottom or in the middle. This way, we can remove the graft (as there are not a lot of attachments) and it is more elevated in order to extract it without transecting it. It also leaves more fat which protects the graft from damage due to dehydration and trauma.

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WAW FUE Assisted Device

The WAW FUE system allows Dr. Hamwi, Clinician Gieger, and Clinician Daniels to use a punch that cuts the skin at low speeds and yet still dissects the graft without cutting the hairs inside it. In this case, you can go deeper with less speed because resistance will decrease gradually. As an outcome, this state-of-the-art hair restoration device is faster and has a higher success rate. It also alleviates many patients’ stress because they can spend less time at the doctor’s office during the procedure.

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