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Cole Instruments: Tools and Devices to Improve Hair Transplants

Cole Instruments can provide you with the highest quality, custom-made surgical instruments. Their products are made by a hair restoration surgeon for hair restoration surgeons. When you use Cole Instruments’ line of most advanced surgical tools, you’ll get the best results possible in a hair transplant.

Cole Instruments is a company that has high-performance surgical tools. They make both devices and supplies for follicular unit transplantation (FUT), follicular unit extraction (FUE), and hair transplants in general.

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FUE Hair Restoration Tools Developed by Dr. John Cole
Cole Dissection Device (CDD-Vortex)
The Different FUE Extraction Punches From Cole Instruments
Quality Results Start With Quality Equipment

FUE Hair Restoration Tools Developed by Dr. John Cole

Dr. John P. Cole developed these tools for hair transplants. He is a well-known surgeon who developed these tools to use in FUE hair transplants, to extract small groups of hair from the scalp and then transplant them back into the scalp. In general, there is a risk that you might break the follicles when removing them from the head (called follicular units), but these devices help to avoid this problem and let you get good results from your surgery by extracting the right amount of hairs at once.

Cole Instruments provides many products for hair transplant doctors. These products are made to make the results better and to increase how effective it is. For example, hair transplants are sensitive and time-consuming, so these instruments were created from that need. They help with things like harvesting donor hair, storing grafts, preparing the site where the graft will be put in, and designing the hairline.

They also have different instruments in design being tested. They do these for one simple goal: to make advancements. Hair transplant procedures continue to advance from the hard work of their practitioners, so Cole Instruments plans on making the fastest, safest, and most established FUE instruments in the world.

Cole Dissection Device (CDD-Vortex)

The Cole Dissection Device has a special depth control tip. It is the only device of its kind. The CDD-Vortex is available exclusively through Cole Instruments (CI). The important characteristics of the CDD-Vortex include:

  • Battery life indicator
  • Speed indicator up to 25,000 rpm
  • Foot pedal
  • Minimal vibration technology

The device can run for up to nine hours before it needs to be charged. Recharging the device takes just 2.5 hours. It can work with 240V power, and comes with a power cable for charging in different countries around the world.

The Different FUE Extraction Punches From Cole Instruments

There are four different types of FUE extraction punch that Cole Instruments offers. Those include:

  • Cole Instruments Classic Punch
  • Cole Instruments Surrounded Punches
  • Cole Instruments Best Value Coated Punches
  • Cole Instruments Best Value Titanium Nitride Coated Punches

A doctor can choose which type of punch they need to use for FUE extraction. They might need a manual or power-driven one, depending on the patient’s needs.

The Cole Instruments’ punches make it easier for doctors to perform hair extraction. As a result, the transection of hair is greatly decreased. The punches range from .85 to 1.30 millimeters in size and ease the minimal depth penetration of the “Cole Isolation Technique.” This allows doctors to tailor the procedure to each patient leading to a more comfortable and efficient procedure.

Quality Results Start With Quality Equipment

At the Hair Transplant Center – Sarasota, we believe that patients deserve the best results possible. This is why we use Dr. Cole’s research and his equipment for the greatest custom hair transplant offerings. Physicians see the difference while patients see the effects.

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