What to Expect During Hair Transplant Recovery

The good news is that most hair transplant procedures are outpatient surgery and individuals go home the same day. The recovery process is dependent on the type of transplant that’s performed and side effects are usually resolved within 10 to 14 days.

Side Effects

Like any surface surgery, there will be some side effects and they’re typically temporary. They can occur at the donor hair site and the transplant location. Side effects can include redness or bruising, scabs and crusting, itching, and loss of feeling. Some men may experience pain or throbbing, a feeling of tightness or swelling.


Individuals may be able to remove bandages on the first day and wash their hair on the second day. On the third to fifth day, men may be able to return to their normal activities. However, strenuous activity can cause bleeding. On the tenth day, the stitches (if any) may be removed by the surgeon.

After Care

The healthcare provider will issue specific instructions. They will vary and are reliant on the surgery type. Those orders should be followed stringently. The healthcare professional may want to see the individual several times during the first month. A return to normal activities will rely on the type and complexity of the surgery.


Many individuals discover that their transplanted hair falls out in a few weeks following surgery. Rest assured that this is normal. It will take 5 to 6 weeks before new hair begins to grow as the transplanted follicles become accustomed to their new “home.” Individuals can expect to see approximately half an inch of growth thereafter.

Follow Up

Depending upon the extent of the hair loss, a follow-up may be required with additional micro-grafts. The goal is to restore an individual’s hair to its natural appearance. Men should discuss this and any side effects they may be concerned about with their surgeon.

Hair Transplant Of Florida

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