Is There a Best Age to Get a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant prior to the age of 25 isn’t advised as there’s still the potential for ongoing hair
loss Most hair restoration specialists recommend the age of 30 before receiving a transplant.
Before that, there’s no way to know exactly how and where hair loss will progress. Even more
importantly, there’s no way to predict which hair follicles will remain productive.
Prior to the age of 30, most men are advised to utilize medications designed to minimize and
manage hair loss until the time that they’re ready for the procedure. By the age of 30, hair loss
has often stabilized, making a transplant much more effective. However, if other methods prior
to the age of 30 are unsuccessful, individuals may qualify for a transplant.
The best time for a hair transplant for those with male-pattern baldness is when symptoms are
first observed – usually around the age of 30. Symptoms can be a bald spot on top of the head
or a receding hair line. Men can have a successful hair transplants up to the age of 75.
A Common Problem
Male-pattern baldness is a common problem that affects approximately 50 percent of all men.
Hair loss can be traumatic. It affects an individual’s self-confidence and that can extend to
personal and business relationships. Male-pattern baldness is a problem that progresses slowly
over several years. It may go unnoticed until hair loss has become advanced.
Transplant Specialist
Even for those that haven’t reached the age of 30, a consultation with a hair transplant surgeon
is beneficial. The specialist can determine the type of hair loss that an individual is experiencing
through an examination and extensive family and medical history. If a hair transplant is in their
future, individuals will have the information they need to make an informed decision and plan
for their future needs.

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