What You Should Expect From a Hair Loss Consultation

Many men delay receiving a consultation with a hair loss specialist for fear of what they’ll learn. The only way to ascertain what type of hair loss you have and if you’re a good candidate for a hair transplant is a consultation.

Hair Loss History

Your surgeon will document the history and timeline of your hair loss to determine when it began, how its progressed, and any methods you’ve utilized for restoration. He’ll want to know if there’s a family history of hair loss and who has it.

Health History

Men who are good candidates for a hair transplant must be in good health. Your specialist will need to know if you have any health issues or take medications that could affect the success of a transplant. That includes conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, and nerve or autoimmune conditions.

Your surgeon will need to know if there have been any recent changes to your health that encompassing acute or short-term illnesses, along with accidents. You’ll need to disclose any symptoms you may have for which your doctor may not be treating you such as dizziness, palpitations or tiredness, along with all medications and/or supplements you’ve taken regularly over the past 12 months.

Diet and Lifestyle

The surgeon will want to know about your diet, digestion and lifestyle. Be sure to relate if you have IBS.

Nails and Stress

Your nails can reveal much about your health and the surgeon will want to examine them for pitting, brittleness or ridging. Stress levels are also a factor he’ll want to know about.

Tests and Exams

The surgeon will take a sample and perform a microscopic exam of your hair roots. He’ll examine your scalp and blood tests will be obtained. It can take a little time, but all the tests and information will determine if you’re a good candidate for a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Of Florida

Our Florida Hair Transplant Centers pride themselves on providing the most advanced hair transplant in Florida. Dr. Kristopher Hamwi, Clinician Sia Gieger, and Clinician Rhonda Daniels are all specialists in the field of hair restoration., Rest assured that your balding hair is in good hands.

To schedule your hair transplant/hair restoration appointment at one of our South Florida Centers please contact us at (941) 315-7033

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