Gain Confidence with a Hair Transplant

Today’s society assigns a variety of attributes to men as the hallmarks of a youthful, virile, desirable, and successful male. The most common of those is a lush head of hair. The loss of hair is much more complicated than just a question of vanity. It can affect a man’s sense of self-worth and many other elements of their life. Thinning, balding or a receding hairline is perceived as an earmark of being old and less desirable. Hair is even attached to how others view social status. Hair loss causes many men to hide and withdraw from social contacts. The good news is that men can regain their confidence with a hair transplant and there are a variety of associated benefits. Appearance When an individual looks good, they feel good. A hair transplant boosts a man’s self-confidence, self-esteem and makes him feel more secure about his appearance. Men with a full head of hair feel more attractive and that’s translated into the way they carry themselves, move, and express themselves. Men that have a had a hair transplant procedure feel and look younger. They also receive more compliments. Natural Look Hair transplants offer a more natural look than other methods. It’s a man’s own hair that’s being transplanted, so it has the same look and feel. Individuals will be able to cut and style their hair the same as they did before their hair loss. Permanence A hair transplant is far more affordable, effective and aesthetically attractive than wigs, comb overs and similar methods that are temporary. A hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss. Mental Health A hair transplant can also lessen feelings of depression and anxiety that often accompany hair loss. Studies have demonstrated that hair loss often triggers feelings of shame fear, loss, anger, anxiety, and depression.

Hair Transplant Of Florida

Our Florida Hair Transplant Centers pride themselves on providing the most advanced hair transplant in Florida. Dr. Kristopher Hamwi, Clinician Sia Gieger, and Clinician Rhonda Daniels are all specialists in the field of hair restoration., Rest assured that your balding hair is in good hands.

To schedule your hair transplant/hair restoration appointment at one of our South Florida Centers please contact us at (941) 315-7033

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