Is Rogaine® Effective for Restoring Hair Loss?

Whether Rogaine® helps will depend on the type of hair loss an individual is experiencing. Rogaine® was specifically developed to minimize the effects of male pattern baldness. Clinical trials conducted over 48 weeks in 2002 demonstrated that those using a 5 percent topical minoxidil solution experienced 45 percent more hair growth than formulas with a lesser percentage of minoxidil. History Rogaine® has been available for over 20 years and was the first brand to be FDA approved for hair loss. Rogaine® is the brand name for minoxidil. Rogaine® as a hair growth formula was discovered by accident. It was originally developed as an oral medication to treat high blood pressure. OTC Availability Rogaine® is available over-the-counter in two different forms and in strengths of 2 percent and 5 percent. It’s applied to the scalp twice a day. It can also be used on beards and eyebrows. It works by increasing the size of hair follicles. The formula also extends the hair’s natural growth cycle and penetrates the scalp to stimulate protein production. Results will become noticeable in 3 to 4 months. Best Usage The formula is most effective for recent hair loss experienced by men under the age of 40. It helps stop hair loss in approximately 50 percent of men with male pattern baldness. Hair growth will stop when the treatment is discontinued. Potential Side Effects Rogaine® also has some disadvantages, the most serious of which is that it can affect the heart, particularly those that already have a heart-related condition. It should never be used unless appropriate tests have been performed to determine a healthy heart. A fast heartbeat or chest pain should be immediately reported to the individual’s doctor. Many users also suggest using rubber gloves to apply the formula as it can stain. Always wash hands immediately after applying if using bare fingers. It may cause the color and texture of hair to change. Potential side effects also include increased sensitivity to sun, along with drying, irritation, burning, itching, scaling or flaking of the scalp.

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