What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant moves hair from one area of the scalp to another and can be performed in several ways. Everyone isn’t a good candidate for a transplant and the surgery should only be done by a highly trained professional.

Treatable Conditions

The procedure is effective for treating a variety of hair loss problems, including alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease of the hair follicles. It’s applicable for thyroid disease and decreases in hormones that occur as men age.

Good Candidates

Those that choose a hair transplant will need to be in good health and still have areas of thick hair growth on the scalp from which the hair samples can be taken. It’s important for individuals to have realistic expectations about their replacement results.

Different Methods

There are different methods that can be employed to perform a hair transplant. They include grafting, scalp reduction, and flap surgery. Grafting is the most common in which small pieces of skin that contains healthy hair are taken and transplanted to areas of the scalp where hair is the thinnest. When the skin at the transplant site heals, the hair will continue to grow. It’s also known as a micrograft.

Scalp reduction is often used for alopecia. A small area of bald skin is removed and a loosened flap of nearby skin that contains growing hair is pulled over the bald area, then stitched into place. It’s best for bald spots on the top and back of the head.

Flap surgery is typically for large bald areas toward the front of the scalp. It’s performed in stages over several weeks and involves superficial cuts around three sides of where the hair will be taken. The 4th side is left attached to maintain blood supply. It’s later cut and lifted over the bald spot. It requires general anesthesia.

Hair Transplant Of Florida

Our Florida Hair Transplant Centers pride themselves on providing the most advanced hair transplant in Florida. Dr. Kristopher Hamwi, Clinician Sia Gieger, and Clinician Rhonda Daniels are all specialists in the field of hair restoration., Rest assured that your balding hair is in good hands.

To schedule your hair transplant/hair restoration appointment at one of our South Florida Centers please contact us at (941) 315-7033

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