5 Important Things to Know About Hair Transplants

Hair transplant technology has changed and evolved over the years. Modern methods have
resulted in highly successful procedures with little scarring, minimal downtime, and natural
looking results. Many individuals decide to have a hair transplant with little research or
knowledge of what’s involved. A hair transplant procedure is surgery and not everyone is a
good candidate for a transplant. There are some very important things that individuals need to
Realistic Expectations
Social media and advertising campaigns have given individuals the idea that hair transplant
surgery and the results are virtually instantaneous. It’s led to a variety of unrealistic
expectations. There are limits to what can be achieved. A significant amount of medical history
and testing must also be performed prior to any procedure.
Healing and Downtime
While individuals can generally return to work and usual activities within a day or so, much will
depend on the exact procedure that’s performed. Healing can take from 7 to 10 days and some
individuals may need to wait up to 2 weeks to have stitches or staples removed. Some hair
transplant procedures require patients to shave their head.
Number of Transplants
Hair transplant surgery isn’t a one-and-done solution. It will typically require several sessions to
achieve the desired results. Hair loss is a progressive process and individuals will continue to
experience thinning, but not of the transplanted hair, requiring additional sessions during their
Surgeon or Consultant
Individuals should expect to meet with the surgeon that will perform the procedure.
Consultants play an important role in the process, but only the surgeon is qualified to make
recommendations and determine if an individual is a good candidate for the procedure they
Doctor vs Technician
It’s vitally important that individuals ascertain if their hair transplant surgery will be performed
by the surgeon or a technician. Only a licensed medical professional has the skill and knowledge
required to perform the surgery.

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